Our Services

All services you need for any project

Land Development

From site selection, to design, planning and development of streets, utilities, detention, mitigation, fire suppression and other amenities, Mayan Builders is a full service land developer with the ability to provide a site for almost any size for almost any size project in any area of town.

Design / Build

Whether building on your site or ours, Mayan can design and construct your facility and we will meet deadlines while many others often fail to do. We have completed many projects from additions and retrofit, to small single single user buildings, to heavy crane-served buildings, to multi-story office buildings with numerous service requirements.


Like Design/Build, we can arrange financing and construct a custom facility at our cost for you to lease. our Design/Build services are available on a build-to-suit basis on property you have pre-selected.

Engineering / Architecture

Mayan Builders work with full-service structural and civil engineering companies. These companies provide extensive up-to-date professional engineering and architectural services. We all work together seamlessly without any delay in both planning and construction.

Project Bidding

Mayan can provide a preliminary design and turn-key bid on a project within 5-7 days of first sitting down with a client.

Site Planning

Mayan can handle all aspects of site planning for a client, from site selection, to survey, geotechnical, environment, detention, and flood plain issues, we can help coordinate all due-diligence on a site to ensure that the project will proceed with as little complication as possible.